Our Projects & Services

Since our incorporation, BNEDC has building lasting partnerships and relationships, as well as assisted with many community projects.

Town Center and SARCAN

Buffalo Narrows

BNEDC supported, through investment, the development of a 32,000 square-foot Town Center and a SARCAN
depot in Buffalo Narrows.

Skills Development Program

Buffalo Narrows

In 2002, BNEDC partnered with Buffalo Narrows Tourism to initiate the Skills
Development Project, which helped citizens in the community to enhance their skills so they could move on
to other work and pursue further education.

Joint Ventures

Buffalo Narrows

BNEDC has successfully developed a joint venture with a private consortium from Fort McMurray and Northern Resource

Business Support

Buffalo Narrows

BNEDC provides support for and services to entrepreneurs, such as a Small Business
Loans Program.

Resort Development

Buffalo Narrows

BNEDC has supported community projects such as resort development, which has led to a growth in economic activity in Buffalo Narrows.

Employee Support

Buffalo Narrows

BNEDC acts as an information centre for individuals looking for employment in the mining