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A Northern Community on the picturesque shores of the Churchill Lake.

Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan is located in the northwest part of Saskatchewan, 425 km’s northwest of Prince Albert and 249 km’s north of Meadow Lake. It has a population of approximately 1,100, the majority of whom are aboriginal and proud to call Buffalo Narrows home. Many of the people are traditional land user’s (i.e. hunting, fishing, trapping etc.). Buffalo Narrows borders Churchill Lake and Little Peter Pond Lake and has easy access to Big Peter Pond Lake. There are many islands, bays, rivers and streams which are very accessible all year round. There is also an abundance of wildlife, fish and many different species of birds.

One of the most impressive beaches around is the Sand Dunes with pure white sand extending 10 kilometers long. This magnificent beach is located on the southeast side of Big Buffalo Lake and approx. 8 kms north of Buffalo Narrows. It is definitely a site to see. There are many other beaches on these three large lakes and numerous camping and picnicking areas as well. Buffalo Narrows has a lot to offer and is a great recreational community all year round including fishing, hunting, boating, swimming, camping, sightseeing, touring, snowmobiling, skiing. Buffalo Narrows is more than a great place to visit; it is also a great place to live.

For more information on Buffalo Narrows and area, you can contact BNEDC office or Northern Village of Buffalo Narrows.


Currently undergoing a change in management. Contact for Info.

Buffalo Narrows has beautiful land for sale. Ready for development!


Buffalo Narrows Economic Development Corporation (BNEDC) was created in 1989 by the Northern Village of Buffalo Narrows (NVBN). BNEDC was created to identify and undertake viable opportunities for
community business development and to stimulate employment through business ventures. Projects that
BNEDC has supported through investment include the 32,000 square-foot Town Center and a SARCAN
depot in Buffalo Narrows. In 2002, BNEDC partnered with Buffalo Narrows Tourism to initiate the Skills
Development Project, which helped citizens in the community to enhance their skills so they could move on
to other work and pursue further education. BNEDC has played a role in many other community projects.
These include the development of building lots to generate revenue for Buffalo Narrows; resort
development; and a joint venture with a private consortium from Fort McMurray and Northern Resource
Trucking. In addition, BNEDC provides support for and services to entrepreneurs, such as a Small Business
Loans Program. It also acts as an information centre for individuals looking for employment in the mining
industry. BNEDC is recognized in the community for its contributions to the economic growth and
development of the NVBN.

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“Buffalo Narrows or Détroit du Boeuf as it was called in French was founded in the early 20th century.”

Community Leader

“Buffalo Narrows or Détroit du Boeuf as it was called in French was founded in the early 20th century.”

Community Leader

“Buffalo Narrows or Détroit du Boeuf as it was called in French was founded in the early 20th century.”

Community Leader